RC01 specifications:
Heat flux measurement 1 black (absorber),
1 gold (reflective)
Temperature measurement type K thermocouple
Sensitivity 3 μV/Wm-2
Expected accuracy within +/- 10 %
Temperature sensor type K thermocouple
Response time 0.5s (1/e)
Temperature range 0 to +250 °C
Heat flux range depends on sink temperature, typically 10kWm-2
CE certification RC01 is CE certified
RC01 heat sinks:
RC01-M RC01 on Nickel Heat sink with ambient air temperature sensor
Figure 1 RC01 sensor dimensions. (22x10x3 mm)
1 convective heat
2 radiative heat
3 heat flux sensor with black absorber (emission around 0.85), which measures convective plus radiative heat.
4 temperature sensor (to measure sensor temperature)
5 heat flux sensor with gold reflector (emission depending on radiation spectrum, emission coefficient in the infra-red smaller than 0.05), which measures convective heat only.
1., 2. wiring of absorbent heat flux sensor
3., 4. wiring of reflective heat flux sensor
5., 6. wiring of type K thermocouple
The ambient air temperature sensor is not included in the picture.

Dimensions of RC01-M, including the heat sink are 65x65x13 mm.

The RC01 is a heat flux and temperature sensor for study of radiation, convection and heat transfer in ovens, furnaces, baking and drying processes. The measurement result is often used as a characterisation of a fingerprint of oven settings, making it possible to compare or reproduce oven settings.

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RC01 consists of two heat flux sensors, the one covered by a gold reflector (only sensitive to convective transfer), the other by a black absorber (sensitive to radiative as well as convective transfer). A temperature sensor is integrated below the reflector.
The sensor can be delivered built into special heat sinks. Normally this is made of nickel; the most common type is RC01-M.
In case of RC01-M, the sensor is supplied with an external temperature sensor to determine the surrounding air temperature. By measuring the heat fluxes, sensor temperature and surrounding air temperature one is able to determine the local heat transfer coefficients.

Suggested Use

  • Drying kilns, baking ovens
  • Continuous belt dryers


  • Alternative designs: Hukseflux is specialised in heat flux sensor design, and can offer sensors with modified dimensions and specifications.
  • RC01 can be equipped with water cooling.

Version 0616